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Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

At Navasota ISD, we have two priorities that we follow every day...

  1. The safety and well-being of each and every student and staff member all day every day, and
  2. To provide a quality educational experience to help prepare our students to be successful both now and in the future.

We believe that those two priorities work hand in hand in order for everyone to be successful. We also believe that working together with our community and our families is crucial to that success.


As a part of our daily routines and operations, please know that Navasota ISD has daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled safety procedures in place to make sure that everyone knows what to do should an emergency occur. These are things that schools have been doing since the beginning of time. I am sure that we can all remember doing "fire drills", "tornado drills", or other emergency drills when we were in school.  


Navasota ISD partners and works together with our local and county officials and emergency personnel to make sure that we do everything that we can to keep our folks safe and prepared every day when we come to school.  


One of those procedures that school districts across the State of Texas and the Nation have gone to is referred to as the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). This began several years ago to help school districts and emergency personnel begin speaking the same "language" when it came to drills and emergency procedures.  


The Standard Response Protocols that are in place include...



With these five easy-to-remember procedures, students, staff, and emergency personnel can utilize the Standard Response Protocols to make sure that everyone knows what to do, where to go, and how to respond when instructions are given or an emergency may arise. Again, we practice these on a regular basis to make sure that we are able to execute those drills and procedures at a moment's notice.


However, we also believe that it is important to communicate this information to the community and to our families throughout Navasota ISD. We want everyone, including folks that may not be on our campuses every day, to know the following 2 things...


  1. Our children are safe, cared for, and loved when they come to school every day at Navasota ISD, and
  2. Our schools, students, and staff are well-trained and prepared to take care of our children when an emergency may arise.

SRP actions

The SRP refers to five specific actions in the event of an emergency or crisis. Hold, secure, lockdown, evacuate or shelter are the actions students and employees are trained to perform during an emergency. A brief synopsis of each action is below.





Hold occurs when the hallways need to be kept clear, even during class changes. Students will remain in their classrooms and do business as usual. Teachers will recover students and staff from hallways, close and lock the classroom door, and account for students and other adults. Everyone will remain in the room until the "all clear" is announced.





Secure occurs when a threat or hazard is outside of the school building. Students will remain or return inside the building. Staff will help recover and account for students and colleagues outside the building. Adults will then lock outside doors, increase their situational awareness and do business as usual.





Lockdown occurs when a threat or hazard is inside the building. Students will stay quiet and out of sight. Adults will recover students from the hallway if possible. Staff will lock the classroom door, turn off lights, maintain silence and obscured visibility, and prepare to evade or defend. Only first responders may open closed doors. 





Evacuation occurs when students and staff must move to another location. Students will leave all but cell phones behind if required, follow instructions, and be prepared for changes. Staff will lead students to the evacuation location. Adults will account for students and staff and notify if anyone is missing, extra, or injured.





Shelter occurs when the need for personal protection is necessary, such as during a tornado or biohazard situation. Students and staff will employ appropriate safety strategies. Adults will account for students and staff and notify if anyone is missing, extra, or injured.