Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Navasota Independent School District, in partnership with students, parents, and community members, dedicates its efforts to creating a passion for excellence.  As a multi-cultural, professional community, the district provides equitable experiences for students to participate in a rigorous

curriculum using the latest technology in quality facilities. 

With stability from the past and a vision for the future, students are prepared to excel in a progressive and changing world.




Vision Statement


Navasota Independent School District has a vision and a purpose in what we do to include becoming life-long LEARNERS, being LEADERS in all that we do both inside and outside the classrooms, and to prepare our students to experience SUCCESS, both now and in the future.


The purpose of education at Navasota Independent School District is to create positive relationships that cultivate engagement, awareness, responsiveness, responsibility, growth, improvement, achievement, potential, and a passion for excellence in an atmosphere of inclusion and support for one other.


Our priorities at Navasota Independent School District are:

1) The safety, well-being, and success of every student and every staff member; and 2) To provide the highest quality of education to help each student be successful in all that they do. 




Belief Statements

At Navasota ISD, we believe…

  • Relationships are key to engagement.
  • Engagement is the key to learning.
  • Learning and instruction are achieved through safety and responsibility.
  • Responsibility is shared by the entire team.
  • That every student can be successful.
  • That both our diversity and what we share in common should be celebrated.
  • That collaboration supports our learning community.
  • Knowledge and understanding are the beginning of wisdom.





Learning… Leading… Succeeding!