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District Logo Use and Guidelines

Navasota ISD Logo Use and Guidelines
The Office of Administrative & Student Services has created a ZIP file containing versions of the Navasota Independent School District N-Star Logo for common use. All files in the pack are in PNG format at both 72 and 300 DPI. If you need the logo in another format or size, please contact the Office of Administrative & Student Services with your specifications. 

The Navasota ISD logo was designed specifically for the Navasota Independent School District and the Navasota Rattlers. The symbol and logotype are designed with unique typeface and spatial relationships to create a consistent identity. Therefore, the logo should only be reproduced digitally for any type of use and not redesigned or drawn by hand.
  • Fidelity - The N-Star graphic is the official logo of Navasota Independent School District and the Navasota Rattlers. Navasota ISD has only one acceptable logo. Creation or use of other images with the intent to represent Navasota ISD is not permitted. Logos should not be redrawn, modified or displayed in rough form. Always reproduce from high-quality, original artwork. Artwork is available from the Office of Administrative & Student Services.
  • Integrity - Always display the logo in its entirety. It is inappropriate to separate parts of the logo or modify the logo in any way. The Navasota ISD logo must not be used to promote services or products or to imply Navasota ISD endorsement.
  • Proportion - The District logo is designed according to a specific height and width ratio. Even slight distortions will impact the consistency of the presentation. Always display the logo in its exact, original proportions, regardless of logo size, placement or use.

Please direct any questions regarding use the Navasota ISD logo to the Office of Administrative & Student Services