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Emergent Bilingual/English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)

The goal of Bilingual/ESL education programs is to allow Texas EL’s to become
proficient in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the English language through the
development of literacy and academic skills in the English language supported by the
primary language. Only students identified as English language learners are served in
the Bilingual and ESL programs.
District Contact:
Stephanie Ingram--Coordinator of Student Services & Special Programs
[email protected]
Bilingual Programs
The Navasota Independent School District Bilingual Education model encompasses the
Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit for Spanish speaking students in grades PK-5. This
model provides instruction in literacy and academic content areas through the medium
of the student's first language, along with instruction in English oral and academic
language development.
The Navasota ESL program models of Content-Based and Pull-out are utilized in
PreK-12 grade. The Content-Based model integrates English as a second language
instruction with subject matter instruction that focuses not only on learning a second
language but using that language as a medium to learn mathematics, science, social
studies, or other academic subjects. The Pull-Out model serves students during their
English language arts instruction, while the student remains in a mainstream
instructional arrangement in the remaining content areas. At the elementary school
level, the ESL program models utilized are Content-based and Pull-Out. At the junior
high school level, the Pull-Out Program model is used. ESL students are enrolled with
English teachers who are ESL certified. At the high school level, a large majority of the
ESL students are in a regular classroom with teachers who implement the ELPS and
are trained in sheltered instruction. Each student has language accommodations. If a
high school student scored as Beginning or Intermediate on the TELPAS assessment
they are scheduled into an ESOL 1 or ESOL 2 instead of English 1 or English 2. If a
student has not passed the EOC for English 1 or English 2, they are put in a reading
course with an ESL certified teacher and given remediations. All ELAR teachers are
required to be ESL certified. The district is working towards all staff at the high school
level to become ESL certified.