October 17, NHS welcomed the  Emergent Bilingual Newcomer families to a dinner.  There were 14 families in attendance. They enjoyed a meal and became better acquainted with  teachers and staff. This is our 2nd year this meeting has taken place and the attendance was doubled.  There were over 60 in attendance along with two board members, Greg Mock ,his wife Michelle and Trisha Harris. Kristi Ramsey, NHS principal, was our MC for the evening. Elizabeth Stanley, Asst. Principal, our counselors Stacy Holliman and Lisa Foster were available for any questions.  Laya Spellman, Gear Up and Mbah Fontebo, Advise Texas College were on hand to share their services. Stephanie Ingram,Coordinator of Student Services and Special Programs was in attendance. Dr. Stu Musick was also able to stop in and welcome the guests. Special thanks to the teachers and families that came to support these students. 
Dr. Angela Arenivar, Spanish Department Head was the  guest speaker. She shared her experiences as her family moved here from Mexico. She encouraged our students to be proud of where they are from. Gerardo Rocha, senior, was our student speaker and shared his experiences this past year as a newcomer. He was thankful for all the help he received from his teacher and encouraged everyone to work hard. 
Navasota High School currently has 13 newcomers from all from different parts of Central America, Mexico and South America who are part of this class. A BIG BLUE RATTLER THANK YOU to everyone who was able to attend!