Navasota High School Seniors spent the first nine weeks learning that economics and government are relevant to daily life. Here is an overview of what the students learned!
Unit 1: Personal Finance
After learning about about checking and savings accounts, investments, auto loans and insurance, and credit scores and debt. The students embarked on an Adulting 101 research project. Each student selected which pathway they wanted to pursue after high school - going straight to work, entering the military, going to further their education through tech certification, 2-year college or a 4-year college. They created resumes, budgets, and learned more about life after high school.
Unit 2: Introduction to Economics
After that, students jumped into a new world with a whole new vocabulary - demand, supply, equilibrium, scarcity, production possibility curves, and more! After learning about the factors of production - land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship they worked with partners to identify how some of their favorite products are produced including iPhone, Nike, Blue Bell, Dr Pepper. Students used Chromebooks and created Google My Maps to show the production and distribution systems for their peers to tour to understand what a global impact their products make.
Unit 3: Market and Trade
To introduce the importance of international trade, the students learned about Kyle MacDonald who in 2006 became popular for making a trade 14 times starting with a red paperclip and ending with a house in Saskatchewan meeting Alice Cooper and Corbin Bernsen along the way. Each student was given a paperclip and most came back with a much more valuable item including these students in 7th period from a dollar bill to cologne to an iPad. Students now know first hand the value of trading between friends, classmates, and in the community.
Great "real life" learning experiences for these NHS Seniors! Thank you to their teacher, Cynthia Harrison for sharing this information with us!