In an effort to be proactive, so you are able to make arrangements for your students, several Navasota ISD bus routes will be combined, TODAY, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 due to the out of town football game.
Only HS/JHS students will be affected by the doubling of buses.
Bus 8 will be on Bus 12 - We will run the Bus 8 route first which will make Bus 12 students later than normal. (approximately 45 minutes to an hour).
Bus 15 will be on Bus 4 – We will run the Bus 4 route first, which will make Bus 15 students later than normal. ( approximately 45 minutes)
Bus 5 will be on Bus 17 – These routes will be run concurrently due to the close proximity of stops. This will put us approximately 30 minutes behind for both routes.
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work to safely transport your students.